73. An Abundance of Malice

Arcane Tales Episode 73

Hosted by Brian Schell

Welcome back. This is episode 73 of the Arcane Tales podcast, my name is Brian Schell, and I’m your host for the show. Each week on Arcane Tales, I’ll be assembling a show with the collection of several great old classic science-fiction, horror, and fantasy series.

A new feature I’ve added as of last week is the Featured Person of the week. I’ll focus on a classic radio-related personality every week and give you some biographical details about them.

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Enough talk! let’s get on with this week’s show.


Shows & Episodes this week

Mystery House Malice in Wonderland 25:56
Suspense Devil in the Summer House 30:02
Whistler Malice 29:30
Incredible but True Water, Water Everywhere 3:11
X Minus One Nightmare 24:10


220px-JohndicksoncarrJohn Dickson Carr (1906 – 1977) was an American author of detective stories, who also published under the pen names Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson and Roger Fairbairn.

Carr is generally regarded as one of the greatest writers of so-called “Golden Age” mysteries, complex, plot-driven stories in which the puzzle is paramount. His mystery The Hollow Man (1935), usually considered Carr’s masterpiece, was selected in 1981 as the best locked-room mystery of all time by a panel of 17 mystery authors and reviewers.

In 1950, his biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle brought Carr the first of his two Special Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America; the second came in 1970, in recognition of his 40-year career as a mystery writer. He was also presented the MWA’s Grand Master award in 1963. Carr was one of only two Americans ever admitted to the British Detection Club.

The Old Time Radio Series “Suspense” contains 22 plays by Carr, many of them not available in printed form.

Novels as John Dickson Carr

72. The Return of Arcane Tales

Arcane Tales Episode 72

Hosted by Brian Schell

Welcome back. It’s only been five years since the last episode, so nothing’s changed. OK, a lot of things have changed. For one thing, the format of the show has evolved. Rather than feature a single episode of some old classic show every evening, I’m going to do it a little differently from here on out. Each week, and only once a week, I’ll be assembling a show with the collection of several great old classic series.

For now, I’m going to focus on horror, science fiction, and the fantastic. Maybe in a few months I’ll look into doing a show of comedy and drama if you guys ask for it. In the meantime, one longer show every week is more manageable for me, and I suspect it’ll be more entertaining for you.

For now, I’m planning to make each episode around two hours. Personally, I don’t like listening to long episodes of podcasts, because my driving distances aren’t that long. I think this show will be OK in a longer format because it’s essentially a compilation of short shows. Feel free to stop the show after any of the segments and come back at a later time.

A new feature I’m adding as of now is the Featured Person of the week. I’ll focus on a classic radio-related personality every week and give you some biographical details about them.

Before get into the shows, I need to point out something about the commercials. One of the more charming aspects of old time radio is listening to the ancient commercials that are often included in the recordings. The episodes I have tonight don’t have any. If that disappoints any listeners, I apologize. The source I have for tonight’s show removed the commercials. If it were up to me I’d have left them in there.

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Enough talk! let’s get on with this week’s show.


Featured Person of the Week

Fpratt_swsMurray Fletcher Pratt (1897–1956) was an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and history. He is best known for his works on naval history and on the American Civil War and for fiction written with L. Sprague de Camp.

Pratt was a military analyst for Time magazine (whose obituary described him as “bearded, gnome-like” and listed “raising marmosets” among his hobbies), as well as a regular reviewer of historical nonfiction and fantasy and science fiction for the New York Times Book Review.

Aside from his historical writings, Pratt is best known for his fantasy collaborations with de Camp, the most famous of which is the humorous Harold Shea series, was eventually published in full as The Complete Compleat Enchanter. His solo fantasy novels The Well of the Unicorn and The Blue Star are also highly regarded.



Mystery House August 1945
A New Lease on Death- 26:46

Suspense  October 1942
Lord of the Witch Doctors 28:59

Whistler October 1942
Urge To Kill 29:32

Incredible but True
The Man Who Walked Behind           3:11

X Minus One July 1955
Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitarium   23:25

71. Suspense! 100 In The Dark (1942)

Mystery drama from 1942

70. Dragnet: Homicide (1949)

Crime never pays when you’re up against Jack Webb

69. The Whistler: Jealousy (1942)

More creepiness, hosted by The Whistler.

68. X Minus One: The Green Hills of Earth (1955)

Another 1955 Classic sci-fi tale!